Winter Garden Heritage Tree Project

Bloom & Grow Garden Society members have a great appreciation for trees.  Currently, the City of Winter Garden does not have a tree inventory.  The Bloom & Grow Garden Society will partner with the City of Winter Garden in 2021 to collect information on the “Heritage Trees” they deem special in Winter Garden.  These trees can be on public or private property.  “Heritage Trees” fall into two classifications – “Historic Trees” are ones with a trunk diameter 30” or more and ”Specimen Trees” which are smaller mature trees and take on the quintessential character of their species.  


This Winter Garden Heritage Tree program will include the following components:

1)       Each Bloom & Grow member will be encouraged to identify at least one tree in 2021 with the expectation that we will collection data on no fewer than 150 trees.  Once the tree has been identified, a knowledgeable horticulturist from Bloom & Grow will visit the tree and add whatever additional information is necessary.  Member, Vickie Parrish and her husband Wes have agreed to provide this valuable professional service.

2)       We will input the data we collect into a unique software program maintained by the City of Winter Garden that has a special section designed specifically for trees.   Each piece of information will have its own field that will be highlighted.  Photos will be stored in the “Attachment”.  Stories will be captured under “Notes”. With the GPS coordinates of each tree identified, we will be able to create a map of all trees in the program

3)       Each tree will have an interactive plant label placed on the tree to identify the tree with a QR code to deliver a “story” about the tree that we have incorporated into the data base. 

4)       The list of trees will eventually include a recommended tree list for Winter Garden that will be developed into an on-line resource on the Bloom & Grow website – and hopefully on the City of Winter Garden website as well. 

5)       When we have collected information on the “Heritage Trees”, we will then put together a “Tour of Trees” that would include a sampling of 10-15 of the most impressive “Heritage Trees” available for the public to view. This would ideally be a walking/bicycle “Tour of Trees” with more substantial and educational signage on each tree. 

6)       The Bloom & Grow website will have a unique page dedicated to the Winter Garden Heritage Tree Program that will encourage members to continually add trees and update information on trees.  It is our intent that the Bloom & Grow members will become more knowledgeable and appreciative of the trees in our City and that together we can help our residents know, love and protect their trees.

7)       Bloom & Grow members will be given shirts with inspirational “tree” quote as a simple graphic on the back.  This is intended to offer a subtle educational message.

8)        There is a unique program called PlantsMap that creates the labels for the trees including the QR codes and collects the data into their national data base.  We will enter all our Winter Garden trees into this program.  It is our hope that after 2021, we will be able to reach beyond Winter Garden and encourage our members to identify “heritage” trees beyond the city of Winter Garden to possibly include Windermere, Dr. Philips, Oakland, etc. 

NOTE:  B&G Member Vickie Parrish and her husband Wes have agreed confirm all information.  Vickie will contact the member to “meet” their tree and collect additional information, measure the tree and take photos.  She will enter this information into our Heritage Tree Data Base.  

If you would like a Heritage Tree Form snail mailed to you to fill out or if you have any questions, please email Katy Moss Warner at: