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"To stimulate a knowledge and love of gardening through promotion and sponsorship of community projects and the protection and sustainability of native habitat. To promote and sponsor educational horticultural experiences and civic involvement."


What comes to mind when you hear the term “force of nature”? Hurricanes? Tornadoes? The Bloom & Grow Garden Society? That’s right! The  members 

of the Bloom & Grow Garden Society have been a driving force in the

West Orange County area since the club’s inception in 1997.

Look around our website and see what we've accomplished.

The Bloom and Grow Garden Society was recognized at the annual convention of the Florida Federation of Garden clubs for projects during the 2022/2023 club year.

Katy Moss Warner, chair of our Plant it Pink project, accepted the “Flowering Tree Award” which promotes the planting of flowering trees along streets, highways, parks, and school grounds. We not only promote tree planting, we actually planted the trees in our area.  This takes us to our next award from the Deep South Garden Club which is made up of the garden clubs in 6 southern states. Bloom & Grow won for the most trees planted of all the clubs…288!

The next award was for our Pollinator Power project headed by Dr. Becki Lynch and Jeanne Yazinski. This was the “Promoting Bees Through Knowledge” award which encourages education about the loss of our bee population and the importance of bees to the food chain. We just finished 2 more classes on bees!  


Additionally, we received commendation from the National Garden Club for the “Permanent Community Improvement” award for our Plant it pink project and “Wildlife Survival” award for The Monarch Project which recognizes our work with the Monarchs and other pollinators in the Central Florida area.

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Spring Fever in the Garden

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In April of 2025, we will be hosting our annual Spring Fever in the Garden festival in downtown Winter Garden. It’s the quintessential ode to spring and nature with fun and activities for the whole family.


Monarch Pendant


Our exclusive sterling silver Monarch Pendant is available for pre order and pick up at Plantation Jewelers in downtown Winter Garden. Go to our Monarch Project page for all the information on ordering.

Spring Fever in the Garden 2022-58.jpg

The Monarch Project


In October of 2021, the Bloom & Grow Garden Society installed their Monarch butterfly sculpture in downtown Winter Garden as a gift to the city for their help and support of our Spring Fever in the Garden festival. This significant piece of public art was designed by noted artist and sculptor, Don Reynolds. The copper beauty is in the new park so those who come to Winter Garden can enjoy it, too.


Bloom and Grow Grant Request Application

The Bloom and Grow Garden Society has a mission: “To stimulate gardening through promotion and sponsorship of community projects and the protection and sustainability of native habitat; to promote and sponsor educational horticulture experiences and civic involvement.” Monies generated from our fundraising activities further these goals, not only through our own focused community projects, but also, by sponsoring targeted projects within the community.

If your organization would like to be considered for 2024,  please complete the

 application and return it to:

Bloom and Grow Garden Society 

P.O. Box 97

Oakland, FL 34760



Email to:

Applications are due by September 30th

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The club appreciates your support and good wishes as we continue work to help Mother Nature with all things that bloom and grow. 

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