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Plant it Pink!


The Plant it Pink project began in Spring of 2022 and will be completed in Fall of 2024.  During that time, Bloom & Grow will have planted a total of ninety four 15 gallon Pink Trumpet trees at 25 local schools, 2 City of Winter Garden locations and 5 hospital locations. We will have interacted with a total 46 principals, teachers and school staff along with 550 students. We will have handed out 625 of our Plant It Pink cards. There were approximately 30 people in our planting crew including club members and  volunteers. We’d like to recognize Bloom & Grow members, Van Donnan and Steve Spreier who were at every one of the plantings. In addition to the tree plantings, we will have distributed over 1000 3-gallon Pink Trumpet Trees to residents of Winter Garden.

Upcoming Events

Duke Energy is sponsoring PLANT IT PINK for another year.  The Bloom and Grow Garden Society Tree Committee will sponsor the third giveaway on October 2nd, 2024. We will distribute 250 three gallon Pink Trumpet Trees to Winter Garden residents for free and have 150 three gallon Pink Trumpet trees for sale.

The Bloom and Grow Garden Society has announced a new tree planting program called “Plant it Pink.”  Sponsored by Duke Energy, this ambitious program intends to cover Winter Garden with the blooms of the Pink Trumpet Tree early spring. Also known as pink tabebuia, this tree is resplendent with pink trumpet shaped flowers that cover the ground when they fall. The tree forms a vase shape and grows to 30 feet tall. It is native to Mexico and South America. Just as Washington DC has cherry blossoms, we hope that Winter Garden will be a blaze with pink trumpets for many years to come.

Trees for Schools

The Bloom and Grow Garden Society partnering with the Action Chapter of the Florida Nursery Growers and Landscape Association will plant an 8-10 ft Pink Trumpet Tree in 25 area schools in West Orange County in honor of the school and its graduating classes.  

The Bloom and Grow Garden Society will donate the tree, fertilizer tablets that will nourish the tree for 2 years, a “Hydretain” a scientifically designed product, that will help with water retention and mulch.  They will schedule a planting team who will work with the students to plant the tree in a special ceremony designed by the school.


 The Bloom and Grow Garden Society will also present each student with a beautifully designed card that offers congratulations, delivers a bit of information about their tree and also offers an inspirational message “Advice from a Tree”.  

The school and the tree will be entered into a national database with a “story” written by the students and photos of the school, the students and their tree.  A tree label will be placed at the tree with a QR code that brings up the information and photos formatted for a smart phone.  Schools currently participating in Trees for Schools include:

Bridgewater Middle, Citrus Elementary, Dillard St Elementary, Independence Elementary School, Summerlake Elementary School, Ocoee Middle/High School, West Orange High School, Innovation Montessori High School, Sunridge Middle School, Thornebrooke Elementary School, Keene's Crossing Elementary School, Panther Lake Elementary School, Horizon West Middle School, Sunridge Elementary School. Foundation Academy, Horizon High, Lakeview Middle, Lake Whitney Elementary, Maxey Elementary, Tildenville Elementary, Water Spring Elementary, Whispering Oak Elementary, Windermere High.  

Planting Ceremonial Trumpet Trees 

In 2022, the Bloom and Grow Garden Society planted three Ceremonial Pink Trumpet Trees at the Jessie Brock Community Center Park in Winter Garden.  One tree was planted for the City of Winter Garden in grateful thanks for their partnership over the past 25 years.  The second ceremonial tree was planted for Duke Energy in grateful thanks for their sponsorship.  The third tree was for Bloom & Grow. A group of ceremonial trees were planted at local health care facilities in October 2022 in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Tree Giveaway

The Bloom and Grow Garden Society announced a new tree planting program called “Plant it Pink.”  Sponsored by Duke Energy, this ambitious program intends to cover Winter Garden with the blooms of the Pink Trumpet Tree early spring. 


In 2022, 2023 and 2024, the Bloom & Grow Garden Society will offer residents of Winter Garden and Bloom & Grow Garden Society members a 3 gallon Pink Trumpet Tree in order to create a cloud of pink flowers early each spring. It’s best if planted in your front yard so it can be enjoyed by all!

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2022 School Year

2023 School Year

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