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Pollinator Power

Our goal is to add 2500 acres of pollinator habitat to Orange County over the next 5 years! If you want to be a part of this exciting project and add more pollinator habitats to your yard, neighborhood, school, or business, contact us for more information.

Project: Through a partnership with the National Garden Club, this project is based upon the belief that humans have a responsibility to conserve and support our local natural resources. For most of us, that means a small piece of land – more than likely in a suburban/urban area in Central Florida. Because most pollinators travel only a few football fields in a lifetime, we CAN make a visible positive difference in our local ecosystem within 5 years.


Problem: Central Florida is experiencing a rapid decline of native pollinators, primarily due to loss of habitat and the use of pesticides. 75% of plants require pollination for reproduction while 66% of human/animal food requires pollination. Pollinators are a keystone species for wildlife/environmental health and balance.

Mission/Purpose: Inspiring and educating individuals, community groups, and institutions to create more pollinator habitats through sustainable gardening practices, habitat creation, and conservation.

HOA Goal: Organize and provide advice and leadership to residents in each development through the HOA to reach certification of the entire property as a Pollinator Power Habitat.

There are several components of Pollinator Power:

1. Community Education: Bloom and Grow provides a community education series for residents entitled What's the Buzz?  Who are native pollinators and why are they so important? For more information, please use the contact form on this website.

2. Individuals and/or HOA’s: Bloom and Grow members will meet with individuals and HOA boards to advise on adding more pollinator habitats.

3. School Gardens: Through a sponsorship with Heathy West Orange and Orlando Health, Bloom and Grow Garden Society provides waystation garden kits to schools in the area and works with them in advising planting of the plants. So far, we have provided plants to 10 schools in the area and 6 more are to be added in the fall of 2022.

4. Parks and Public Property

5. Businesses

6. Pollinator Plant Sales: Bloom and Grow has 2 waystation/pollinator plant sales per year to help the community add more pollinator habitats.

Buzzy The Bee

  Buzzy Bee is the logo for our Pollinator Power project. She will be featured on our yard signs, social media pages, correspondences, webpages, and informational handouts. Buzzy was designed by Peyton Cottle, a senior at West Orange High School. Peyton, along with her dad, created the Best of Show winner in our 2022 Chalkin' It Up contest at the 2022 Spring Fever In the Garden. We loved that design so much, we asked her to design something for us. Bloom & Grow is so honored to have a talented student artist who is environmentally conscious and willing to volunteer her time! We love Buzzy!

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Contact Us

If you are interested in adding more pollinator landscaping to help our pollinators, please contact us on the “contact” form on this webpage!

Thanks for submitting!

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