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Tucker Ranch Oak Print Sale

The Bloom & Grow Garden Society presents an original drawing of the “Tucker Ranch Oak” by Don Reynolds. The 12 inches by 18 inches print  was drawn in pencil and given water color accents. It was printed on 80 lb. acid free paper. There are 200 numbered and signed prints that have been shrink wrapped with a foam board backing. An information sheet that describes the Bloom and Grow Garden Society’s Winter Garden Heritage Tree Project and tells the story of Tucker Ranch where the tree is located is included along with the bio of the artist.


Proceeds from the print will go towards the Winter Garden Heritage Tree Project which will continue to document Heritage Trees in Winter Garden and place labels on the trees. It is also our hope that we will be able to create a digital map for the Heritage Walking Tour.


“The magnificent southern live oak at the entrance to the Tucker Ranch Nature Preserve is one of the Winter Garden Heritage trees. The tree has survived many floods and hurricanes evidenced by the giant branch that fell away from the main trunk. That giant branch healed itself and continues to form a canopy of nearly half the tree.

Noted sculptor and artist, Don Reynolds, created this stunning drawing of the “Tucker Ranch Oak.”  While his work includes drawings, paintings and murals, he is primarily known as a sculptor. He works in many different mediums such as wood, metal and marble. There are a number of sculptures created by Don Reynolds in Central Florida. Don was commissioned by the Bloom and Grow Garden Society to create the giant copper butterfly sculpture that resides in a park on Plant Street in Winter Garden. 


The iconic cast bronze knight with lance on horseback located outside the main entrance to UCF Bounce House Stadium is one of Don’s creations and at Blue Jacket Park in Winter Park, Don designed and sculpted the bronze statue of a woman Navy recruit called “Blue Jacket Recruit”. He also made a large totem sculpture in teak of the miracle of butterfly metamorphosis for the Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival in 2000. This sculpture now resides in Calloway Gardens in Georgia. On display in Pietrasanta, Italy is a stunning sculpture of a sailor in Carrara marble created by Don Reynolds.  Don lives and works in Sanford, Florida.”

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